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Claiming Preferential rates of Duty between UK & EU from 1st January 2020

LINK TO THE EU-UK Trade and Co-operation Agreement 24/12/2020

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE – 8th September 2020 – The Government have published the second updated version of the Border Operating Model which gives further clarification on how import and export trade between the UK and EU will be handled from January 1st 2021

IMPORTANT UPDATE – 18th August 2020 – The Government have issued advise on how to import goods from the EU into GB and also how to export goods from GB into the EU from January 20201

IMPORTANT UPDATE – 13TH July 2020 – The Government has today published the Border Operating Model which gives in depth information as to how import and export trade between the UK and the EU will be handled from January 1st 2021 ** LINK REMOVED AND REPLACED BY SECOND VERSION OF BOM **

IMPORTANT UPDATE – 12th June 2020 UK will not seek an extension to the transition period and have published details of three stage pragmatic approach to border control and import declarations for cargo from the EU

Update 19th May 2020 – Link to the UK Trade Tariff with effect from 1st January 2021 – Check here using your commodity code to see the difference in rates of import duty for goods imported now against them being imported from 1st January 2021

Update 11th February 2020 – UK will introduce import controls at the border for cargo arriving from the EU from 1st January 2021

Updated 27th January 2020 –  Letter from HMRC to VAT registered Traders in Great Britain about leaving the EU / Letter from HMRC to VAT registered Traders in Northern Ireland about leaving the EU


Updated 17th October 2019 – Revised Withdrawal Agreement

The partnership Packs issued by the Government will now be replaced by the GOV.UK website, please check the current guidance and EU Exit portal for further info.

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Updated 13th March 2019 following MP’s ‘No’ vote on revised Brexit deal – Please note that this information is only applicable in the case of the UK exiting the EU with no-deal

United Kingdom Customs Tariff (EU Exit) Regulations

Authorised use – list of eligible goods and authorised uses

Tariff Quota Rate (Licencing) Regulations (EU Exit)

How to find the temporary rates of customs duty on imports if the UK leaves the EU with no deal. (Preferential tariff rates, Most-favoured-nation (MFN) tariff rate, Tariff quota rate)

** Register for transitional simplified procedures from 7th February 2019 **

Day One No Deal Information (D1ND)

Government site for Brexit (Please sign up there for updates)

Existing free trade agreements if there is ‘no deal’

Trading with the EU if there is ‘no deal’

Preparing for ‘no deal’ EU Brexit (Partnership Pack)