The Institute has acknowledged that its current Bye-Laws are outdated and do not meet the needs of a modern professional institute.

While interim amendments were made in 2022, a further review of governance has now commenced.

The proposed changes aim to modernise the language used in the Bye-Laws, update procedures for the Board and committees, and reflect alterations to the structure of Nations, Regions, Forums and Policy Groups.

The driving principle is to recognise the importance of volunteer time and expertise, enabling more efficient and straightforward organisation of activities so that successful groups can receive increased support.

As per the Institute’s charitable objectives outlined in its recently published strategy, it is the responsibility of the Board to agree any Bye-Law changes. However, members’ views are important, and this consultation provides an opportunity for them to review the proposed modernised Bye-Laws before the Board adopts them.

Members are encouraged to send any comments to by May 17, 2024 and these will be forwarded to Board representatives for consideration.

The Board will discuss the responses at its May meeting and publish the revised Bye-Laws soon after, incorporating any agreed revisions. The governance review will then proceed to examine wider aspects.

The Institute aims to future-proof its Bye-Laws through this exercise, ensuring they are fit for purpose and facilitate the organisation’s smooth functioning as a modern professional institute.

To view Articles of Association, Bye-laws and Competition Policy click here.

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